Brush Limb Pickup Dates 2021

To all Marquette Heights Residents:

The City provides a limb and brush pick-up for all residents on a monthly basis, April through October, beginning on April 19, 2021 (the Monday after the third Sunday of the month) through October 18, 2021.

Some months, the street crew will pick up in the early morning. Please try to have the brush out the night before.

Do not set any brush out for pick-up sooner than 7 days before pick-up day. Please do not set any brush out after the crew goes by.

We will make ONE trip down each street.     

All materials to be picked up must be stacked neatly between the sidewalk and the curb, with all the limbs in the same direction.


We will not pick up any limbs or logs that are over 3 inches in diameter, as our chipper will not handle the larger limbs.

Leaves, grass clippings, stumps, commercially trimmed or removed trees, or lumber WILL NOT be picked up by the City. You will need to make arrangements with your garbage pick-up provider or another commercial hauler for those yard waste items.

Do not put limbs in bags or trash cans.

Do not park in roadway, blocking the front of the pile.

2021 Pick Up Dates are:

April 19th 

May 17th

June 21st

July 19th 

August 16th   

September 20th 

October 18th