Planned Water Shut-off on Algonquin Rd.

To Residents of Marquette Heights on Algonquin Rd.:

This is advanced notice that Thursday, September, 29th, starting at 8:30 am; the Water Department will be shutting down Water Services to approximately 24 customers along Algonquin Rd. for valve installation that will allow further maintenance of a Fire Hydrant replacement to take place with the water service turned back on for those customers upon completion of immediate activities. This action will include shutting down water service to affected addresses, draining of the water main to the point of repair, cutting and removal of the defective fire hydrant, installation/ anchorage of a new valve (closed) and turning the water back on to restart service. These actions will be completed that day and water service should be back on before the end of the day. Because this repair will require system drainage, a “Boil Order” will be issued once the water service is restored. Sample testing will immediately take place to endure two consecutive samples are found free of harmful bacteria, then notification of Boil Order removal will be provided. The remainder of work to complete the fire hydrant replacement will take place following water service returning to customers to keep this time without service to a minimum.

We plan on keeping this service off as short of time as possible.

Thank You,

Anthony L. Brown

Water Superintendent