Parking Ban In Effect

Winter Weather Event – Road Clearing Process Information

The Public Works Street Department Plow Trucks work to clear the roads, please remember, there is “No Parking” on the Street after 1″ of snow, and during the snow removal process. (Ord. 158, 2-19-1973)

Snow and Ice Control is a team effort:-The Street Department, provide the first line response to Winter Storm Events.-Police Department, provides valuable information about street conditions and also assist by advising residents about parking bans, not discharging snow into public streets and removal of parked vehicles obstructing snow removal operations .


Please do not leave your vehicle on the street during snow storms. (Ord. 119, 1-20-1969) – you may however park between the curb and sidewalk during the snow removal process –

Do NOT place snow into streets. (Ord. 550, 2-22-1999)

Please keep a safe distance back from snow removal vehicles. Including slowing down, increasing distance from other vehicles and giving our snow plows and salt trucks plenty of room to work.

Adopt the Fire Hydrant nearest your house. The Hydrant is there for your protection, help the Fire Department by clearing the snow around it.

Please keep trash bins at the edge of the driveway, NOT in the roadway .Even though you may see the plow, always remember that the driver may not see you.


Check the road conditions at