Meetings & Agendas

All meetings held in Council Chambers unless noted otherwise.

Agendas are posted at least 48 hours prior to each meeting at the front window of the Municipal Building located at 715 Lincoln Marquette Heights.

The City of Marquette Heights FOIA officer certifies that all public records of agendas and minutes that are published on the City of Marquette Height’s website are a true and accurate copy of the original record.


January 9, 2017Agenda 1-8-17.docMinutes 1-9-17.doc
January 23, 2017Agenda 1-23-17.docMinutes 1-23-17.doc
February 13, 2017Agenda 2-13-17.docMinutes 2-13-17.doc
February 27, 2017Agenda 2-27-17.docMinutes 2-27-17.doc
March 13, 2017Agenda 3-13-17.docMinutes 3-13-17.doc
March 27, 2017Agenda 3-27-17.docMinutes 3-27-17.doc
April 10 2017Agenda 4-10-17.docMinutes 4-10-17.doc
April 24, 2017Agenda 4-24-17.docMinutes 4-24-17.doc
May 08, 2017Agenda 5-8-17.docMinutes 5-8-17.doc
May 22, 2017Agenda 5-22-17.docMinutes 5-22-17.doc
June 12, 2017Agenda 6-12-17.docMinutes 6-12-17.doc
June 26, 2017Agenda 6-26-17.docMinutes 6-26-17.doc
July 10, 2017 Agenda 7-10-17.docMinutes 7-10-17.doc
July 24, 2017Agenda 7-24-17.docMinutes 7-24-17.doc
August 14, 2017Agenda 8-14-17.docMinutes 8-14-17.doc
August 22, 2017Agenda 8-22-17.docMinutes 8-22-17.doc
September 11, 2017Agenda 9-11-17.docMinutes 9-11-17.doc
September 25, 2017Agenda 9-25-17.docMinutes 9-25-17.doc
October 9, 2017Agenda 10-9-17.docMinutes 10-9-17.doc
October 23, 2017Agenda 10-23-17.docMinutes 10-23-17.doc
November 13, 2017Agenda 11-13-17.docMinutes 11-13-17.doc
November 27, 2017Agenda 11-27-17.docMinutes 11-27-17.doc
December 11, 2017Agenda 12-11-17.docMinutes 12-11-17.doc
December 26, 2017Agenda 12-26-17.docMinutes 12-26-17.doc